What size secondary bags or items can the Travel Bag Buddy secure to my primary luggage?

The strap is both adjustable and elastic. The smallest bags it can fit are about 20" in circumference, with the largest being over 45" in circumference. This is big enough to fit all legal carry on size bags for all major airlines. Strap in your backpack, purse, duffel and more!

Will the Travel Bag Buddy fit my tall backpack?

Although the strap can stretch to accommodate a tall backpack vertically, we suggest placing it sideways on your rolling luggage for better weight distribution.

If my bag is taller than my handle, will the Travel Bag Buddy stay secured?

Yes! The Travel Bag Buddy secures your bag to the wrap around panel. This allows you to secure a secondary bag that is taller than your handle without having to continuously hold it like a bungee chord would need.

Can I secure more than one item with the Travel Bag Buddy?

Yes! You can secure as many items as the strap will allow with your configuration. A favorite third item of ours to put on top of the secondary bag is a coat during the winter. It's nice to not have to worry about being hot or carrying it when your traveling and out of the cold.

Why are the snaps on my Travel Bag Buddy not aligned?

The Travel Bag Buddy was designed with high quality materials. The fabric used on the side gussets is simply a bit stiff from production. once you use it with a few items inside, the front will fall down naturally and the snaps will align perfectly with our without item inside.

Why is the front flap longer than the back?

Because the Travel Bag Buddy is made from fabric, the front flap will fall down slightly when items are placed inside. Once items are inside the front snaps and flap will align naturally with the back snaps and flap. It will continue to fall naturally and align correctly after 1-2 uses with items inside.

Why is the front flap slightly misaligned with the back?

TSometimes due to packing and shipping, the front flap which is connected with fabric to the back, will be moved slightly to the side. Don't worry, it will align itself when used.

Will the Travel Bag Buddy fit my rolling luggage handle?

The Travel Bag Buddy will fit handles with a circumference between 11" and 15". This will work on almost all suitcases, except those with very wide handles such as a G-Ro or single pole handles which do not give the panel the support needed. If you have a specific question about it fitting on your suitcase, please feel free to contact us directly.

Why is the Travel Bag Buddy pockets not centered on by rolling luggages handle?

The Travel Bag Buddy has a hidden fold on the back. If yours is not aligned after you put it around the handle, simply move it to the right or left until it aligns correctly.

Is the organizer Fully RFID protected?

Yes! The entire organizer is RFID shielded from electronic theft; even the front zipper pocket.

Can I use the Travel Bag Buddy without a secondary bag?

Yes! The Travel Bag Buddy's straps fold into the panel and will stay secured magnetically as the folding instructions at the bottom of the main page show. Once secured inside you can use it on your handle as an organizer either alone, or even above a bag that has an existing pass through sleeve.

How do I clean my Travel Bag Buddy?

The Travel Bag Buddy is made with water resistance Ballistic Nylon, ripstop nylon, and standard nylon. All of the materials are easy to clean by simply wiping them down with a damp rag to remove any dirt or dust.