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OMG these are the BOMB!!!!!!!! Better than I expected and hoped for!!! My travel struggle will no longer be real!!! You have no idea how happy I am with this product, and am so grateful that you guys went the extra mile in it's creation and development.

Deborah S

Got mine today! Love it!!!!!!! Thank you!!! ❤️

Patty O

I just have to say, one more time, LOVE this bag. While everyone is emptying pockets.. at security, I'm just putting the Travel Buddy Bag on the conveyor belt & breezing on through.

Cindy R

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The quickest way to access your items on the go & secure a 2nd bag to your rolling luggage. Optimized for airport security.

RFID Travel Organizer

Protect your cards, passport & more from digital theft. Works alone or with a second bag.

Pull 2 Bags Easily

Prevents a second bag from falling off your luggage. Reduces strain on your arm, back & shoulder.

Magnetically Closing Compartment

Quick access and storage for your phone, cards, documents & more.

Speed Through Security

Attach/detach second bag from luggage handle quickly.








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Travel Bag Buddy

When I couldn't complete my order on your web site I asked a friend to order 2 Travel Bag Buddy's from Amazon. Amazon sent me a similar item but not as good as yours so I sent those back to Amazon. Never trust Amazon again.

Robust and well designed

I haven't used it for travels just yet but I'm sure it will help a lot when transiting

Well-made, great organizer

Great for toting a second bag, with lots of sections and pockets, including RFID, for travel documents and more. Clips and elastic make it easy to take on and off to get through security.

Love it

Simply love it.

Hi Ines, Thank you for the kind feedback, we are very happy to hear that it’s working great for you! Safe travels. -Manny
I had not idea how much I would come to rely on it!

Every part well thought out and constructed. even the snaps on the top made going in and out of customs a breeze as it gave easy (but not too easy) access to my boarding ticket and passport. I also used it flying to and from Europe, on a cruise ship and while walking in Europe both with and without my walker instead of a wallet. I loved that I could easily attach it to my walker or my tote sized purse with this shockingly durable Velcro closure and add another bag or jacket if I needed too and it did not bring attention to the fact I had money or important documents inside. At 1 point I wrapped the straps around my water bottle several times and attached the Velcro part to my purse straps so I could easily carry my water with me in areas that didn't have safely drinkable water. I want so badly to buy one for each member of my family. Please let me know when these are available for purchase again! When I bought this I had not idea how much I would come to rely on it.

Hi Wendy, Not only is your review wonderful, but you have found new and innovative ways to use your Travel Bag Buddy! It’s very smart to drink safe water and it’s great that you have one less thing to worry about while traveling both in the airport and out. We are now selling them on our online store at: www.311travel.com. If anybody in your family needs we have them! Keep exploring! Manny